USS York County LST-1175

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The USS York County began life as a Navy ship on the 8th of November 1957, and was built in Virginia by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.

The York County served as a Navy ship until July 17, 1972 when it was decommissioned and transferred to the Italian government.  On that date, the USS York County LST-1175 became the Nave Caorle L-9891 an Italian ship in their navy. After ten years as an Italian ship, it was eventually scrapped in Italy with most of the steel being recycled for the Holland cruise line.

Here's a crew listing of the men who served on the USS York County LST-1175. If the word "NEED" is after your name, please contact Harris Cotter so we can update our files. (

We've also been asked by other LST ship members to list them on a page too!

Plank Owner Bill Evans DC3, sent us the original booklet of the York's Commissioning Ceremony listing the Officers and Chiefs that took her out on her maiden voyage.  We've just added a Bill Evans page that includes his stories and pictures of the beginning of the York's life as a Navy ship.

We're sorry to report that Cancer has taken the life of plank owner Bill Evans. His son writes: "My Dad passed away in his sleep Monday night", July 5th, 2010.

For all of us who served on the USS York County, she will always live in our hearts, thus a story page was created and dedicated to her memory.

We hope you will take some time to read the stories about serving on our ship.
Story Page

In March of 1972, the USS York County sailed into Little Creek for the last time. Some of the officers including Carver Rudolph LTjg recorded the Special Sea and Anchor Detail from the sound powered 1JV circuit.  He recently sent Ken Robinson an audio CD which we are sharing here in small bytes to help with downloading.  The voice from the bridge is of R. Tameris LPN1. Cuts1 2  3  4  5 and 6.  We hope these sounds bring back some memories for you.  Thank You Mr. Rudolph

Reunion Information
The 2015 reunion is being planned for and held in Portland, Maine. Details will be sent out when confirmed.

The 2014 reunion was held in the Baltimore and Washington DC area on September 10th thru the 14th. We were based at the Sheraton Hotel located at the Baltimore-Washington Airport. We hope you didn't miss this years reunion and the Star-Spangled Spectacular festival that celebrates the 200th anniversary of our national anthem. Tall ships, an active duty LSD Navy ship and the Blue Angels.

Details of our 2014 reunion may be listed on the reunion page, when or if we receive anything from anyone who attended the reunion.

If you find yourself out of the loop for upcoming reunion information, please send Harris Cotter ( your updated mailing address, current email address, cell phone and home phone numbers.

Harris Cotter
214 Donovan Circle
Rosendale, WI 54974

Before attending any of our Reunions, you might consider ordering a York County Jacket, Hat or maybe both from Karen or John Schlagel RM2's business Backyard Stitches.

More details and pictures from past reunions are available on the
Reunion Page

During the years of the second world war, many WW2 LSTs, were built in Seneca, Illinois and Evansville, IN by mostly women welders. The ships were sailed down the Ohio River from Evansville past Marietta, Ohio then out to sea. In September 1996, the Ohio LST/Amphibs Assoc. dedicated a memorial on the banks of the Ohio River. This memorial in Marietta is in memory of all the LSTs that passed by on their way to war, with some never to return.

Here's a history page detailing the USS York County as an American Ship.

We were contacted by Fredas Cook who was a signalman on the USS Grant County LST-1174.   After seeing our page, he wanted to share with us his pictures of the York as it approached his ship for a highline detail. We'd like to thank Fredas for his gift of images from the vantage point above his ships bridge. Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5, Pic 6.

This image of the USS York County was sent to us from crew member Minzie Leister taken by a friend during Helo operations.

Here's a ship logo that can be used over your shirt pocket if you buy some iron_on transfer film from Walmart, craft or office supply store. Some have used the ship graphic for the back window of their truck. Recently we found out that Harris Cotter also used the logo on his truck too! Most sign shops can help after you take the ship image to them. They can also get it from the USS York County page.

We'd like to offer our thanks to crew member Jim Marders who provided many of the images shown below:

  • ENS Bill Price picture page
  • Harry McGee BM2 picture page
  • 37 Additional Images from Harris Cotter
  • Joe Sharland QM3 picture page
  • Earl Nickleson EM2 picture page
  • Michael Macchiorola FTGSN picture page from 1967 
  • Michael Macchiorola with Carl Moyer showing the main deck clearly
  • Ens. Price with Capt. Lenahan and wife at the '93 Reunion
  • The York and LST-1164 Walworth County
  • Fred Card with Bill Kesson
  • The Electric Shop Group in 1963
  • Aubrey (blackeye) Jennings and Ben Ferguson
  • Joe Camdagna, Fred Card with Spagnessi
  • Ken Robinson and Bob Hollis
  • Joe Sharland taken in San Juan, Dec. 1960
  • Spagnessi and Doc Holiday
  • St. Germain (Germ) and Ken Robinson
  • St. Germain and Monkey in Africa
  • Unloading Tank (note gator image)
  • Capsule recovery in the mid Atlantic late 1967 
  • John Smith and Aubrey Jennings
  • Reunion Envelope
  • Absentee List
  • Load Damage - An Official Navy Photo sent to us by Bob Boshenski
  • Off Loading Using Causeways On Beach
  • Fred Card With Unknown Friend
  • Ron Robrahn in his LCVP after painting his helmets
  • Robert E. Hollis Relaxing In Berthing Area
  • A couple of signalmen horsing around
  • York County Loading For Cuban Blockade
  • Ships Entertainment Control Center
  • DeSoto County LST-1171 Firing 3 Inch Guns
  • Angry Shark Hanging From Gun Mount
  • Tug Boats At The Morehead City Pier
  • York Crewman at the Kingston Straw Market
  • Fred Card ready to go on Liberty
  • John Vance on liberty in Barcelona
  • Ron Robrahn in Boot Camp
  • Heavy Weather at Sea
  • Don VanDyke in Deck Berthing Comp.
  • J. Lewis, W. Henke, A. Jennings, Bill Patience
  • Ron Robrahn on the Bridge at Gitmo
  • Ron Robrahn in Deck Berthing Comp.
  • Returning from the MED in 1960
  • Ron Robrahn with Shark
  • Unknown Crew member with Shark
  • M. Riley and car to Little Creek from Jacks Ship yard
  • Casper, Williams and Riley with Mike's car
  • Mike Riley in #1 engine room beside generator
  • At sea in 1963
  • Ray Coatney and Earl Nickleson
  • Jim Marders in #1 engine room
  • Crew on Liberty in Africa
  • Additional Crew on Liberty in Africa
  • Trumbauer,Casper & Behr on liberty - Med. cruise
  • Loading up after a beach party at Vieques, PR
  • A newspaper image of 1175 and 1173 loading
  • Carl Casper and Jim McLaughlin in Greece
  • Deck Hands from left are “Chappy” Chapman, and Leo Endries
  • B.Ferguson, A. Jennings & C. Casper at '93 Reunion
  • #1 Engine Rm Crew 1962 - Bob McKay Lower R
  • Nelson Julius EN2 and Germ clowning in #1 E.R
  • G. Laurent, A. Jennings, Slate with C. Hollis and ?
  • Getting ready to load the main deck
  • Riley & Behr taking it easy in berthing
  • GK Loew & Radenz playing around
  • Jim Marders, Germ & Jim's wife Joyce taken in 1991
  • Burchett, Slate and Ski in Turkey
  • St. Germain with two local girls in Africra
  • Will, Alvine, Doc ?, GK, Germ, Mole in Viegues
  • Tom Woodhead with Bill Patience
  • Helo Operations On the Main Deck
  • Helo Operations On the Main Deck
  • Mac with some Italian friends
  • A York County Gun Mount for Gunner's Mates
  • Casper w/ Tour Guide in Spain
  • Larry Fisher (right) and friend taken in 1962
  • Ben Ferguson?? and ??? at Pool in St. Croix
  • Lucore, Schneider, Radenz, Alvine, Dunn, Germ and ??
  • Patience with Jamo in Spain
  • Ron Robrahn and friend in their Berthing Compartment
  • One of these Men Is Hiding the Keys to the Bow Door?
  • Which One was Attacked by a Sea Bat the Day Before?
  • York County Using Causeways To Unload
  • York County Using Causeways To Unload
  • B. Hollis, Marders, Hollis, L. Slate, Germ, Ferguson, C. Casper, and Mclaughlin
  • "Doc" Twitty, EN1 Dunn, St Germain, LE Williams and Dave Chamberlain SFM3
  • Chamberlain SFM3, Jamo, GK Loew, Rowley IC3 and Red FN
  • Officers On Deck
  • Ron Gray RM3 in 1962
  • Don Pugh SN and Harry McKee BM3
  • Ray Coatney SN 57-61
  • Signal Bridge Crew and OOD
  • 2006 - J Schlagel, "MAC" McLaughlin and J Vance
  • The Nave Caorle L9891 formerly the USS York County LST-1175
  • Boot Camp and more York Images on Tim Cook's Navy page

  • Movie Page   8MM Film Travel and Navy Footage of the York County in service. Also, be sure to Check out the You Tube videos now posted.

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